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5th & 6th September 2024

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Introducing the 2024 Research Impact Summit

Redefining Boundaries: Fostering Impact in a Dynamic Landscape

In an ever-changing world, the traditional paradigms of research are continually being challenged. “Redefining Boundaries: Fostering Impact in a Dynamic Landscape” invites scholars, policymakers, researchers and professionals to explore how we can collectively redefine the contours of impactful research. 

The summit will serve as a crucible for sharing innovative methodologies, tools, and frameworks that can enhance the social, economic, and environmental impact of academic endeavours. From harnessing AI for research to decoding consumer insights, this theme encapsulates the dynamic interplay between fundamental research and real-world transformation.

Our diverse range of themes for the Summit includes:


Implementation Science

Collaboration & Engagement


Research Impact

The summit welcomes researchers, research support staff, administrators, research funders, and anyone interested in learning more about research impact.

Participating in this summit will revolutionize the way you plan and execute your impact initiatives, whether you are a newcomer to research impact or a seasoned expert.


Experience the Research Impact Summit at your convenience! Enjoy timezone-friendly access without any middle-of-the-night disruptions. Watch from your preferred location and at your own pace during the 72-hour window from the summit’s launch. If you need to step away for a meeting, don’t worry – simply return and resume right where you left off!


Highlights from 2022



I wanted to say a big thank you and congratulations on the Summit

Congratulations on the Summit. I’ve only managed to watch two talks so far because of work – Adam Levine and Sarah Morton, and attended the first networking session – but plan to get through the rest this week. The topics and interviews were really fantastic and so much to digest and followup. Such amazing speakers with great insights. I’m looking forward to sharing what I learnt with my internal Unimelb network. I hope it has been a really productive activity for you and helped build your business. I really think impact is going to boom as a focus for unis in the coming year. Once we deal with the loss of jobs and COVID most unis will have to work out how they are going to support impact. The EI assessment is looming and most have no idea how they will track and identify impact, let alone building capabilities in this area.

Joann Cattlin
Research Engagement and Impact, Melbourne Law School

I just wanted to say thank you very much for organising and expertly running the RIS.

Thank you very much for organising and expertly running the RIS. I particularly appreciated the ability to spend yesterday and today catching up with some of the sessions after a very busy Tuesday on other meetings. I am Director of one of NZ’s 11 national Science Challenges and am putting a lot of thought into how we measure impact as our mission is to ‘enhance the capacity of NZ to use physical sciences and engineering’. How you measure enhanced capacity, which is essentially behavioural change is my challenge at the moment. I’ve taken copious notes from the sessions and ordered Kat Smith’s book! By the way, like the CRIs, the NSCs have to submit 5 impact case studies to MBIE each year as well. The NSCs are “mission-led” so we have been experimenting with what that means in practice eg innovating ways of forming new teams around a specific mission, eg we are running a process at the moment to address new Biosecurity Technology for NZ. 

Summit Attendee
Research Impact Summit


Even if it is not in your timezone, all recordings are available free for 72 hours. Join us online if you can, and if not, watch at your leisure

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69 Countries participated in the 2023 Research Impact Summit!

Registrations from around the globe

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This exclusive online event is broken down into the following sections:

Embedding Impact in Research Design and Planning

Embedding Impact in Research Design and Planning

April 15, 2024
Fostering a Culture of Research Impact

Fostering a Culture of Research Impact

We examine the importance of leadership in promoting a culture of research impact, as well as the institutional changes required to support such a culture, including policies, incentives, and performance metrics.

Building Research Impact Competencies

Building Research Impact Competencies

Ideas to provide training and professional development to build researchers’ skills and expertise in translating research into impact, including training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

Collaborative Approaches to Research Impact: Engaging Stakeholders and Partnerships

Collaborative Approaches to Research Impact: Engaging Stakeholders and Partnerships

You’ll learn strategies for incorporating impact considerations from the very beginning of the research process, such as through setting clear objectives and identifying potential pathways to impact in research proposals.

Measuring and Rewarding Research Impact: The Role of Funding Agencies and Evaluation Systems

Measuring and Rewarding Research Impact: The Role of Funding Agencies and Evaluation Systems

We examine how funding agencies and evaluation systems can contribute to creating a culture of research impact by prioritizing and rewarding projects with a clear focus on real-world impact.

From Dissemination to Engagement: Strategies for Effective Knowledge Mobilization

From Dissemination to Engagement: Strategies for Effective Knowledge Mobilization

The importance of active knowledge mobilization in achieving research impact, discussing various approaches to engage stakeholders and promoting the uptake of research findings into policy and practice


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#1 – Learn from others experience, hear from the experts how research impact can be done more efficiently and effectively

Don’t spend years trying to “figure it out” and learn everything for yourself. Why waste your precious time experimenting when you can learn directly from people who’ve done what you want to do. The carefully selected speakers will empower you by teaching you what really works, so you can develop your own pathways to research impact.

#2 – Watch at your convenience

There’s no flight or hotel room to book and definitely no conference fee… not to mention the time away from your research. You can watch the sessions online at your own convenience, and each interview will be live for 72 hours.

#3- Action packed interviews with researchers, translation experts and policy drivers

No boring talking heads! You get to see the expert speakers, and I have a real and raw conversation about a topic in-depth, with instant takeaways and actionable advice you can use immediately.

  • Researchers & academics wanting to improve engagement with stakeholders external to the university.
  • University employees and research administrators wanting to better support research impact.
  • Research funders who fund impact activities but want to hear the realities faced during the process.
  • Early career researchers that want to get ahead of the rest, stand out and create a big impact from their research.
  • People that want to hear about the latest tools, tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of bridging the research to practice gap.

Research impact has become the globally expected norm!

  • Academics are being asked to demonstrate that their research has impact.
  • Academics are now expected to provide evidence that their publicly funded research is making a difference to society in some way

This ever expanding requirement to show impact has caused some confusion, despair, and even mild panic among the academy.


  • Strategies for successful stakeholder engagement
  • Considerations for collaboration with non-academic stakeholders
  • Alternative and innovative ways of disseminating your knowledge
  • Institutional and organisational strategies to support research translation and impact 
  • The value of intermediary organisations in facilitating impact
  • Hear from research funders about how they fund translation and measure the impact of their investment in research
  • The key elements that go into writing a research impact case study
  • Benefits, pitfalls and interesting insights on the impact agenda globally
  • International perspectives on knowledge translation and research impact
Picture of Tamika Heiden as Host of the 2023 Research Impact Summit

Your Host

Hi, I’m Tamika Heiden – host of the Research Impact Summit.

I’m a knowledge translation and impact expert and Head Inspirer at the Research Impact Academy, a consultancy working to bridge the research-to-practice gap.

Since 2014, I have been supporting organisations such as research funders and universities to create, capture and communicate their impacts. I am always on the lookout for how I can help others to create greater benefits and impact of the research endeavour, and I like to learn from the best.

Come join me and let’s take our research impact efforts to the next level.

I’ll see you in September 2024!