Dr. Tullio Rossi

Founder, Animate your Science

Dr. Tullio Rossi

Founder, Animate your Science


My name is Tullio Rossi, and I’m on a quest to make a positive impact on society through science.

During my Ph.D., I found that my peer-reviewed paper alone wasn’t cutting it. If I wanted to reach my peers, let alone the general public, I needed to communicate my findings in a better and more imaginative way.

This realization changed everything and inspired me to create “Lost at Sea,” an award-winning animation video that reached the hearts and minds of thousands of people.

The success of this video blew my mind. And I got to thinking, maybe other scientists are lost at sea, so to speak. Maybe others want to reach the masses with their research, but just don’t know where to start.

This was the day I decided I wanted to help researchers to better communicate their amazing discoveries.

I do this in two ways.

1) I teach students and researchers how to become proficient communicators by using traditional and new media such as animation videos. I accomplish this by teaching workshops and longer courses.

2) I run a company called Animate Your Science. I founded this company with the objective of helping scientists to get their work noticed and make a positive impact on society. We create video and graphical abstracts that are engaging, understandable, and shareable on social media.

About Tullio.

You might say I’m a rare breed. I’m a marine biologist, a graphic designer, and a communicator all rolled into one. I’m Italian, but I currently reside in Adelaide, South Australia. When I’m not helping scientists get discovered, I love travelling to exotic places, exploring the underwater world, and dancing salsa!