Shawn Callahan

Founder, Anecdote

Shawn Callahan

Founder, Anecdote
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My siblings have it easy at family events. One’s a wine salesman and the other a school principal. Everyone gets what they do. Me? Business storytelling. Try explaining that.

Writing a book made a difference which I called Putting Stories to Work. And this year it won a book award in the US. Seems to have struck a chord with a wide audience.

I started my career in science as a university researcher. Then I moved into technology with companies such as Oracle and IBM but realised, at the end of the day, it was the human factors that determined the success of any enterprise.

So in 2004 I founded Anecdote, a firm that helps leaders and sellers find and tell great oral stories. And one of my great loves has been working with scientists.

At Anecdote help people mostly in large companies such as Shell, Danone, Microsoft and TESCO, hone their narrative skills, all around the world. It’s a lot of travel.

We now license our business storytelling programs to organisations and they are delivered in 6 languages in over 20 countries. And that even includes Thai and Polish.

I’m is based in Melbourne, Australia and can be contacted at My LinkedIn is

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