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Why Sponsor?

The growth of research impact has led to increasing interest and a desire to build capabilities from Universities, Research Institutes, Research Funders, Community-based Organisations, and Governments as well as individuals.

Imagine the opportunity to connect with a global audience of passionate and dedicated researchers, all seeking to make a difference through their work. The Research Impact Summit is the perfect platform for your organisation to engage with and support these trailblazers in their pursuit of innovation and impact.

Here’s why you should sponsor the Summit:

Global Reach: The Summit’s format ensures accessibility for attendees across time zones, enabling a truly international event. Since 2016, the RIS has welcomed over 2,300 participants from 50 countries, with an annual attendance of around 1,200 individuals.

Carbon-Neutral & Inclusive: The RIS has successfully tackled the barriers of travel and accessibility, ensuring that even those in impoverished nations can participate. This carbon-neutral conference is not only eco-friendly but also fosters global collaboration and diversity.

Prestige & Growth: As the largest research impact-specific conference in the world, the RIS has become a renowned event that consistently receives high praise from attendees. This recognition translates to an incredible marketing opportunity for organisations supporting the sector.

Exceptional Engagement: With a 90% open rate on emails sent to Summit attendees, it’s clear that the RIS audience is highly engaged and eager to learn. Last year, 2,572 users from 69 countries accessed the recordings, with an average watch rate of 70% per interview.

Shape the Future: Your sponsorship will directly contribute to the delivery of a high-quality learning event, bridging the gap between current practices and the future of research impact. Be part of this transformative journey and help elevate research impact practices worldwide.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to align your organisation with the Research Impact Summit and make a lasting impression on the world’s leading experts and innovators. Sponsor the RIS today and become a catalyst for change.